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These pages set out to assist anyone wishing to model the LNWR. They include references to sources of information and lists of items which are, or have been, available commercially in the various modelling scales. Some of the products listed here are no longer available new, but do appear regularly on the second-hand market, so have been included as it can be much easier to search for something when you know it exists.
The quality and accuracy of products varies greatly and the Society itself offers no subjective assessment. An enquiry via the Modelling Officer, or a question on our Forum (for L&NWRS members), will bring personal opinions and experiences.
We do not claim to know of every model that has ever been offered for sale, so if you spot an error or an omission from the lists, please send an email to the Modelling Officer . If you are a manufacturer and considering adding an LNWR item to your range, we would be delighted to work with you in confidence and provide information to help you to get it right. We will also gladly publicise it to our members, once it has appeared.
When commercial model railway equipment began to be offered over 100 years ago, LNWR subjects dominated the ranges of most manufacturers. This dominance waned somewhat after the Grouping, but the level of interest has been increasing again over the last two or three decades, which is a tribute to the old company and to the L&NWR Society.

As a society we actively encourage the making, displaying/exhibiting and operating of accurate models in all scales as a way of giving a glimpse of what the railway would have looked like in its prime. Members have access to a huge range of drawings, plans and photographs through our online archive.

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A Class 3 Cyl. Compound 0-8-0
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