The LNWR has long been popular amongst model enginneers with many fine examples of their skill to be seen at Model Engineering tracks around the country.  The Society has an annual event , known as the Steam Up held a different venues each year.  Click here for some photos of past events.

3.5in Gauge

With a scale of 1/16 and a gauge of 3.25in this size was reasonably successful in the early 1900s and continues today, albeit with the more nearly correct gauge of 3.5in  It is almost entirely a scale for scratch builders of live steam and the following designs have been published:


Reeves2000.  Plans and castings for live steam 2-2-2 Jenny Lind, by LBSC

Reeves2000.  Plans and castings for live steam 2-2-2-0 Jeanie Deans by LBSC

Reeves2000.  Plans and castings for live steam 2-4-0 Precedent (Mabel) by LBSC

5in Gauge

5in is the most popular model engineering gauge today, using a scale of 1 1/16in/1ft.  There are no kits and no RTR models but there are lots of published designs and those designs have prompted many suppliers to make available castings and other parts.  5in Ground Level has become very popular, making rolling stock much more realistic and a few locomotives are even battery powered rather than live steam.  Resin casting and laser cutting has started to make rolling stock easier for the amateur to reproduce, so although we are not aware of any LNWR stock available yet, we are sure there will be soon.

7 1/4in Gauge

Maxitrak.  Plans for 4-4-0 George the Fifth by Henry Greenly.  This design was used by Basset Lowke and models made with their castings come on the market quite frequently.

Maxitrak.  Plans for 4-4-0 Precursor by Henry Greenly

Maxitrak.  Plans for 2-2-2 Lady of the Lake by Henry Greenly