London & North Western Railway Locomotives


 LNWR locomotives were always distinctive and workmanlike. They were built to do a job of work and to do so at minimum cost. That is not to say that corners were cut, money was spent were it mattered. For instance LNWR locos tended to have relatively large bearing surfaces that enabled them to be worked hard in revenue service. The black livery introduced in 1873 was known as “Blackberry Black” and was in contrast to the bright colours of most other contemporary railways. 

Great care was taken with the finish, in fact a new loco spent longer in the paint shop than in being built.  At least up until WW1 locomotives were generally kept clean and polished, in stark contrast to the last days of steam on BR.

Locomotive Superintendents of the LNWR (later renamed Chief Mechanical Engineers)

North Eastern Division Head quarters at Longsight in Manchester, merged into the Northern Division in 1857.

John Ramsbottom 1846—1857 More Info

Northern Division Head quarters at Crewe

Francis Trevithick 1846—1857
John Ramsbottom 1857—1862 More Info

Southern Division Head quarters at Wolverton.

J Edward Bury 1846—1847 More Info
J Edward McConnell 1847—1861

Entire LNWR System Head quarters at Euston/Crewe.

John Ramsbottom 1862—1871 More Info
Francis William Webb 1871—1903 More Info
George Whale 1903—1909 More Info
Charles John Bowen Cooke 1909—1920 More Info
Capt. Hewitt Pearson Montague Beames 1920—1921 More Info
George Hughes 1922