L&NWR  locomotives   

The L&NWR developed its locomotives over many years. They were built to do a job and that job changed as train speeds and, especially, train weights, increased dramatically. At its formation in 1846 The new company inherited a variety of designs from the constituent companies.

This section of the website aims to give details of all L&NWR locomotive classes. We start with a list which has clickable links(in blue)to pages giving brief details of various class. From there, clicking on the links under the photo will eventually take you to more detailed information on that class.

Please note that these pages are still being developed and will be added to over a period of time

Passenger Class Locomotives

CME Year Built Class
Mr F Trevithick 1843 6ft 2-2-2
Mr F Trevithick 1847 Cornwall
Mr J.E. McConnell 1851 Large Bloomer
Mr J.E. McConnell 1852 Patent
Mr F Trevithick 1853 7ft 2-2-2
Mr J.E. McConnell 1854 Small Bloomer
Mr. J. Ramsbottom 1859 Problem
Mr. J.E. McConnell 1861 H Special Bloomers
Mr. J. Ramsbottom 1863 Samson
Mr. J. Ramsbottom 1866 Newton
Mr. F.W. Webb 1874 Precursor
Mr. F.W. Webb 1874 Precedent
Mr. F.W. Webb 1876 2-4-0 Tank
Mr. F.W. Webb 1879 4ft 6in 2-4-2 Tank
Mr. F.W. Webb 1882 Experiment
Mr. F.W. Webb 1884 Dreadnought
Mr. F.W. Webb 1884 First Comp. 4-2-2-0 Tank
Mr. F.W. Webb 1885 Second Comp. 2-2-2-2 Tank
Mr. F.W. Webb 1887 Third Comp. 2-2-2-2 Tank
Mr. F.W. Webb 1887 Fourth Comp. 2-2-4-0 Tank
Mr. F.W. Webb 1887 Improved Precedent
Mr. F.W. Webb 1889 Whitworth
Mr. F.W. Webb 1889 Teutonic
Mr. F.W. Webb 1890 5ft 6in 2-4-2 Tank
Mr. F.W. Webb 1891 Greater Britain
Mr. F.W. Webb 1894 John Hick
Mr. F.W. Webb 1897 Jubilee
Mr. F.W. Webb 1898 5ft 3in 0-6-2 Tank
Mr. F.W. Webb 1901 Alfred the Great
Mr. George Whale 1903 Benbow
Mr. George Whale 1904 Precursor
Mr. George Whale 1905 Experiment
Mr. George Whale 1906 6ft Four-coupled Tank
Mr. George Whale 1908 Renown
Mr. C.J.B. Cooke 1910 George the Fifth
Mr. C.J.B. Cooke 1910 Superheater 4-6-2 Tank
Mr. C.J.B. Cooke 1911 Prince of Wales
Mr. C.J.B. Cooke 1913 Claughton
Mr. C.J.B. Cooke 1915 Prospero


Goods Class Locomotives

        CME Year Built        Class
F.Trevithick 1846 Crewe Goods early
F.Trevithick 1848 Crewe Goods middle
F.Trevithick 1851 Crewe Goods later
J. Ramsbottom 1858 DX Goods
J.E.McConnell 1860 Class G
J.E.McConnell 1862 Class ‘M’
J.E.McConnell 1862 Class ‘N’
J. Ramsbottom 1862 4ft Shunter 0-4-0 Saddle Tank
J. Ramsbottom 1870 Special Tank
F.W. Webb 1873 17in Coal Engine
F.W. Webb 1876 Special DX
F.W. Webb 1880 18in Goods or Cauliflower
F.W. Webb 1881 Coal Tank
F.W. Webb 1892 4ft Shunter Webb version of 1862 design; (inc)Crane Tanks
F.W. Webb 1892 4ft 3in Coal Engine 0-8-0 2524
F.W. Webb 1893 A class Compound Coal Engine 0-8-0
F.W. Webb 1896 0-4-2 Bissel Tanks
F.W. Webb 1901 B class Compound Coal Engine 0-8-0
F.W. Webb 1903 1400 class ‘Bill Bailey’ Compound 4-6-0
G. Whale 1904 4ft 3in C class 0-8-0
G. Whale 1904 4ft 3in C1 class 0-8-0
G. Whale 1904 4ft 3in E class 2-8-0
G. Whale 1904 Square Saddle Tank
G. Whale 1906 4ft 3in D class 0-8-0
G. Whale 1906 4ft 3in F class 2-8-0
G. Whale 1906 19in Express Goods 4-6-0
C.J.B. Cooke 1910 4ft 3in G class 0-8-0
C.J.B. Cooke 1911 4ft 3in Shunter 0-8-2 Tank
C.J.B. Cooke 1912 4ft 3in G1 class Superheated 0-8-0
Great Central Rly 1919 ROD 2-8-0 Consolidation MM class
H. P. M. Beames 1921 4ft 3in G2 class Superheated 0-8-0
H. P. M. Beames 1923 380 class, 4ft 3in 0-8-4 Tank
W. Stanier 1935 4ft 3in G2a class Superheated 0-8-0