LNWR Non Corridor Carriages


This well-researched and definitive¬†¬†book, the first hard-back to be published by the L&NWR Society, combines Philip A. Millard’s exceptional knowledge of L&NWR carriage stock with a magnificent set of 4mm scale drawings of well over 120 types of carriages, which have been specially prepared by Ian Tattersall, as well as numerous photographs.

It will form an indispensable part of the library of every LNWR enthusiast and modeller, as well as LMS and even BR(M) as some types survived into BR days. As well as construction information it includes many examples of carriage numbering, set formations and train workings, and will prove of enormous value for everyone with an interest in British passenger train working in the earlier part of the twentieth century. The carriage types dealt with are the (mostly bogie) non-corridor designs built at Wolverton from 1886 to 1923.