LNWR 42ft Carriages of Richard Bore


Based on meticulous research, mainly into LNWR original company documents, Richard Ball has produced a highly detailed history of these distinctive carriages, as they were originally built on F W Webb’s radial underframes, and as in many cases subsequently rebuilt to run on bogies.

Almost 50 photographs are included, many of them from the Society’s collection, with company diagrams and drawings of most of the types described. Because of the paucity of official carriage drawings from this period, many of them have been specially produced for the book by Peter Chatham. The side and end views are reproduced at a scale of 6mm to 1 foot, which is as large as allows the side views to be fitted across a page.

The book, which has over 50 pages, is laid out in A4 landscape format and wire bound so as to permit it to open flat and make the drawings readily visible. The colour covers are gloss laminated 350gsm card, with the inside pages printed on 115gsm glossy art paper.

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