Gauge 1

Gauge 1 was the smallest practical size for model railways during the late Victorian and Edwardian period.  German manufacturers Bing, Carette and Marklin all made models of LNWR locos and rolling stock in Gauge 1, but it was Basset Lowke who improved the standards.


Vintage commercial models were available for a huge range of LNWR items, locomotives from Lady of the Lake to Claughton with almost everything in between and powered by steam, clockwork or sometimes electricity. There was also a wide range of rolling stock and accesories.  However, vintage models are crude by today’s standards, so not generally run on scale model railways today.  

Gauge 1 is split between those who model 10mm/1ft scale, often commercial steam locomotives, and modellers who build themselves and are more frequently using 1/32in, which is the correct scale for the gauge. Some manufacturers have produced the same kit in both scales, so we leave the modeller to investigate which is or was available for his chosen scale.

The following models and kits are available, or have been available to the Gauge 1 modeller in more recent times.