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New Format

Why Change ?

Since the Webb Site was designed in 2001 it appears the world of the internet has moved on. In 2001 most screens were on desktop PCs with an increasing number of laptops. They were based on the old printers and displays with 80 characters width and 25 lines. The site was coded to this format with absolute sizing and positioning eg a photo set to 200 pixels by 400 pixels. However we now have a range of devices with a range of screen sizes including wide displays, tablets, and mobile phones. The types of devices will only increase.
We do have a suprisingly large number of mobile users including our treasurer. Search engines have decided users of mobiles are very important. So in searches they will show a mobile-friendly site before one that is not.
We could include code in all pages to allow for different environments or could change from fixed design of format to one that uses features of the device software to format pages for its own screen. This applies to different browser versions. The sensible decision is to use the latter.

The Design Criteria ?

Adapt to any screen size automatically.
Support latest and older browsers - latest methodology (w3-css) does this as based on users needs rather than technology fads.
Support mobiles and other devices automatically. They require high seperation between buttons and expect lower resolution photos.
Make more space on upper page screen available for content - gives less scrolling, reduce top picture/banners. Remove side menu - means tables can be wider.
Keep home page low download size - else users don't bother waiting and we lose casual visitors.
Last but not least support persons of poor eyesight. Forget dazzling displays, simple text on simple background.
Minimal change to content layout so task doesn't drag on.

What if I as a visitor do not like this format ?

Well we cannot please everyone all of the time despite every effort to do so. In the first instance please let me know via the link below, feedback is wanted. If still not satisfied - and you are a member - then comment on the forum or contact a committee member.

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