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Search Article/Letter Title

Search Article and Letter Title to get list of Articles and Letters


Note This should be a fast simple search, to help the following rules apply :-
1. Minimum of 3 characters required.
2. Search string is within a word. So WEBB and WEB will both find WEBB.
3. It is not case sensitive. Webb and WEb are equivalent search strings.
4. Only the contents title is searched, not the article or letter itself.
5. Only significant words (by my definition) are considered. So AND will find SHANDY but not AND.
6. Search words cannot contain spaces.
7. Punctuation is removed from any search string. So webb's becomes WEBBS.

Realise someone will say a search on WEBB gives result with article containing the word ‘WEBB'S’ eg one titled ‘WEBB'S AUSTRIAN COMPOUND’.
Will reply yes the title contains ‘WEBB'S’ but the string searched has been changed to ‘WEBBS AUSTRIAN COMPOUND’ to speed searching.

These rules can be changed - do provide feedback.