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Journal Contents Introduction

Journal Article and Letter Contents Displays

The Society's Journal contains a wealth of information, but how many times have you thought “there was an article on that very topic in Volume .. by ...”. Then looked at the bookshelf and lost that thought with the realisation that each contents page must be checked individually.
These contents pages contain the title of articles, the Author(s) (where applicable) and page numbers. So here is an aid to find the contents of any Journal.
Do note that it is not an index or search facility on Journal pages.
Each selection below returns a table of results that may contain links to further tables. So the Volume display shows the set of Volumes with a link for each to show the set of Articles .... The Article display shows the set of Articles and their author(s) with a link for each to show the set of Articles by that author.

The Displays

Click here Select to display an article list by Volume/Journal or by Author.

Click here Select to search article titles.

Other displays may be added to this list.

Please note that the data has been copied from PDF files and every attempt has been made to check accuracy. However some errors - all mine - will have crept in. Please notify me via the ‘Webb Master’ link below of any errors you find.
Have used new displays which may contain errors or not display in your favourite format. To help get best presentation possible, please provide feedback (even positive) again via the link below.

Special thanks to Mike Williams for suggestions on this section. Also to all editors that kept electronic copies of journals - a pattern started by Mike