LNWR Society Journal Volume One No 1


LNWRS Journal Volume 1 No 1 Journal Volume 9 No 1 Cover The Journal of the LNWR Society published in December 1993.



Why Super D? Includes photos
Old Crewe. Reminiscences of the LNWR in Crewe 1888-1923 including photos of works and staff
Photo. Extra large LNWR seat at Earlestown Cricket Ground
St.Louis Exposition
Photo. LNWR D33 16ft roof door van. 1954
Special Condensing Tanks. Inc photos and drawing
Photo. Canal Water Boundary marker on Huddersfield Canal
Watt and When. Inc photo of No.229 Watt
Watt’s the Problem
Photo. 3.5in gauge model of LNWR 42ft Picnic saloon in colour
Photo. Greater Britain “Queen Empress” at Chigago 1893
An LNWR Station Puzzle (station number plates)
16ft Meat Vans. Inc photos and drawings
The Fireman’s View – George the Fifth. Inc official footplate photo
Photo. LNWR Boundary plate in road
Crewe Tractors. Inc photos
Earlestown Revisited. Inc map and photos
Watford the New Station. Inc photo 1993
Letter. Derby to Crewe. (workings)
Letter. Ecclesiastical Connections
Letter. LNWR Clocks. (ref PN 91)
Letter. Tender Numbers
Letter. G.R.S.Darroch
Letter. Darroch’s Orion (ref PN 90-91)
Letter. Premier News 91 (cover photo taken at Bangor)
No.4 Cottage, Pentre Crossing. Inc photo.


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