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Photographic Services

The Society collects LNWR related photographs from a number of sources as well as donatations. Each photograph is catalogued by - or under the supervision of the Photgraphic Officer - with details of the source and the subject matter to give a suitable caption. Lists are available below, produced on computer in pdf form. The databases on this site are derived from these lists but are in need of updating, a task that will be completed soon.
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Photographic lists (PDF format):
List of JM Dunn photographs
List of photographs along a route
List of photographs in reference order
LNWR Society list of locomotive photographs
LNWR Society list of photographs in location order, by county
LNWR Society list of rolling stock, fixed assets & people

It is our intention to scan all images and make any photograph available for purchase on our Zenfolio web site. So far approximately 20000 images have been scanned of which over 2500 are on Zenfolio.
That site is organised with all photos in Galleries, similar galleries are placed in a single Group. For instance the Passenger Locomotive Group contains over 30 Galleries, each Gallery having photographs of a single class of Locomotive. Nearly all of these Galleries contain over 30 photographs. We have tried to show all aspects of each locomotive through their lifetime as well as examples of each livery and a selection of photographs of each type of engine in service on a typical duty.
There are also Groups of Galleries for Goods Locomotives, Carriages, Wagons and an expanding Group for Locations including Stations.
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To request loading of a photograph on Zenfolio (after checking it isn't already there), please send an email using the following link giving the list of collection/photograph number(s) eg ecl 12 or lnwrs 1055 for the photograph(s) you wish to view and perhaps purchase.
You will be contacted within a day or two with the location (Group/Gallery) or a link to the photograph(s) if they are available.
Occasionally there can be a delay of a few days depending on our volunteers workload. However if you haven't heard anything for a week then please send a reminder - some of our volunteers claim to have senior moments. This is not a members only service but open to any prosective purchaser.
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We are always looking to expand this collection. If you have items that you can give or loan to the society please email the Photographs officer with the details.
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