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London & North Western Railway Society
Introduction to the LNWR Society

The London & North Western Railway Society (Continued)

Four documentary services are available to members; Library, Archive, Photographic and Drawing.


Comprises a collection of books with some periodicals and videos, which can be loaned to members by post. A large computer based bibliography of books and periodicals with LNWR  references is available to members in either printed or computer file forms. The bibliography is coded, by subject and location, for search purposes.


A collection of original material, such as working timetables, rule books, operating instructions, diagram books, postcards, drawings and photographs. To make this collection more accessible, photocopies of many of the items can be purchased. The archive and photocopy lists are available to members. The archive listing is also stored on computer and can be searched using the same codes as for the bibliography.

Photographic Service

Supplies copies of photographs held in the large Society collection of negatives. Lists are available to members and are produced by computer. As an expansion to this service, we are working on listing LNWR items available from other sources such as the NRM, to assist members researches.

Drawing Service

Provides prints from a collection of microfilms taken from original material or prints, many of which reside in the archive. The collection covers a wide range of subjects, in addition to locomotives and rolling stock. A similar scheme to that for photographs is underway to identify other drawings in collections outside of the Society.