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  • Mystery Number 87 – supplied by Ted Talbot

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    Another of Ted Talbot's entertaining "where is it?" mysteries

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  • Philip A. Millard — 10-Aug-2009 6.59 PM
    On the up fast line, just south of Farington Curve Junction. The train is passing under Flag Lane bridge.
    David Patrick — 12-Aug-2009 11.07 PM
    On my copy of this print, a pencilled note states that it is an Aberdeen to Manchester service hauled by 2623 Lord of the Isles at Farington Jn.
    David Morter — 13-Aug-2009 9.34 PM
    May I suggest it is probably Lostock Hall approaching Preston from the South. No ideas on the date.
    Robert Graham — 29-Jan-2010 11.17 AM
    Not Lostock Hall due to the 4 tracks. It is Farrington Curve.
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