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  • Mystery Number 7 – supplied by anonymous

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    Where is this platform?

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  • Harry Jack — 25-Apr-2004 5.12 PM
    The station is St Albans (Abbey) - in the 1930s or 40s.
    Harry Jack — 27-Apr-2004 10.32 PM
    Camera: pointing more-or-less east. Buffers are behind the photographer. This is the only LNW/LMS platform at station. Loco: 5ft 6in 2-4-2TExplain '5ft 6in 2-4-2 Tank Locomotive Class' No 67xx - number no doubt visible on print but unreadable on screen. Branch came from Watford Junction, 6+ miles away, off to right. Distant string of carriages at other platform: LNER on train to Hatfield (ex-GNR branch, closed to passengers 1951).
    John Alsop — 31-Oct-2004 3.51 PM
    The sidings on the right served the St. Albans Gas Works. The engine to shunt here came by passenger train, piloting the 6:55 am from Watford. The normal combination in the 1950s was 47355 piloting Stanier 0-4-4T either 41908 or 41909. The branch engine always operated at the St. Albans end of the 2 coach push-pull set.
    Peter G. Scott — 19-Nov-2004 3.29 PM
    The four starters in the background are, from left to right, (1) GN bay to Hatfield, (2) GN bay to Watford Junction, (3) LNW platform to Hatfield, (4) LNW platform to Watford Junction.
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