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  • Mystery Number 60 – supplied by John Alsop

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    A photograph of a crash test exercise. Would anyone be able to supply more information - location, date, stock or indeed any information about these exercises? John thinks that this is probably in the London area.

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  • Harry Jack — 26-Aug-2007 7.56 PM
    This looks like Watford Junction, from the chimneys and roof-valance. If so, the curve of the train suggests that it's standing at the St Albans branch platforms.
    David Garbett — 31-Aug-2007 2.55 PM

    I can't help with the carriage stock, but the Daily Graphic was a London newspaper which started publishing on 04/12/1869 as The Graphic. In 1889 they publish a new newspaper under the name of The Daily Graphic.

    I would imagine that the location is probably somewhere in the London area.

    Phillip A. Millard — 21-Dec-2007 5.28 PM

    The nearest carriage is two-compartment Brake Third no. 4261. It dates from HYE 5/74 and started off as a five-compartment Third no. 261, 30ft 6in x 7ft 9in x 7ft 2in, wheelbase 18ft 0in. This was a very common type, with circa 230 built from HYE 5/74 to HYE 11/74, a prodigious construction program!

    As usual, in later years a good number were altered to Firsts, Compos, Brake Seconds and so forth. They were mostly supplemented between 1897 and 1902, and withdrawn between 1901 and 1912. No. 231 was altered to a Brake Third at an unknown date (note the sidelamp at the end of the ogee). It was supplemented as no. 4261 in HYE 5/02, and broken up in HYE 11/09. Note the oil axleboxes and 9-inch horns.

    The train is Willesden District set no. 9, made up of eight vehicles. In 1906 the set was listed as being electrically lit and fitted up for steam heating - these improvements probably dated from circa 1903. Carriages visible are Third no. 4671 and 30ft 0in Composite no. 3292 (formerly first). Then come Composites nos. 2765 and 2746, Seconds nos. 2182 and 2235 and Brake Second no. 2166. This gave a total of 6 x first class compartments, 17 x second class and 9 x third class, and although rather old was clearly a set used for commuter traffic.

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