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  • Mystery Number 57 – supplied by John Alsop

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    An early view of 1353 City of Edinburgh standing in a station with the end of the name visible on the lamp by the safety valve. The visible letters are the last four, HLEY. Where might this be?

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  • Harry Jack — 24-Jun-2007 11.02 PM
    Isn't this the SE corner of Bletchley station, loco headed south?
    Robert Barlow — 02-Jul-2007 2.04 PM

    I came to the same conclusion. Weren't the platform numbers at Bletchley rather confusing?

    There is a photo of Bletchley on page 19 of Bill Simpson's Oxford to Cambridge Railway Volume 2 (OPC 1983), showing rather indistinctly, what appears to be the same type of lamp.

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