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  • Mystery Number 56 – supplied by Tony Robinson

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    Tony got this photo from Roger Carvell and the main subject is of the superheated Precursor Oberon outside Llandudno Junction shed, and as Tony says, " accompanied by a rather smart lady." Roger wanted to know if it was J.M.Dunn's wife. Tony can testify that it certainly isn't Sally Dunn and Tony's sister has confirmed that it isn't the wife of the then (wartime) D.L.S. Mr J.T.King. Can anyone throw some light on it?

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  • Ted Talbot — 23-Jun-2007 9.43 AM

    I looked at the photo without reading the blurb and noticed that the tower on the right looked familiar. It is the same style as the one in Mystery Photo No. 8 at Chester.

    Sorry, do not recognise the lady but she looks in better condition than poor old Oberon. Is she withdrawn? Is the date of the photo known? I would guess just post war.

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