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  • Mystery Number 50 – supplied by Ted Talbot

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    The second of three mystery photographs submitted by Ted Talbot is of two Jumbos. This is Pouteau 16 and is shown in John Alsop's list as Whitworth no. 469 St George and another Jumbo leaving Carlisle. But where exactly is it? What is the train? What are the details of the stock?

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  • Peter Scott — 07-Mar-2007 2.23 PM
    Although I cannot recall the location, the high banking and specific track layout, must surely trigger someone's mind!
    Mike Barratt — 09-Mar-2007 6.07 PM
    The track layout could be Upperby West. This looks like an R.E.Charlewood photograph from the mid 1890s. The train appears to be an Up express. Will the pilot engine come off at Shap summit? Most of the stock looks like 8-wheeled non- corridor coaches.
    Peter Scott — 13-Mar-2007 12.26 AM
    Mike Barratt could well be right. Looking at Harold D. Bowtell's book, Over Shap to Carlisle, [pub 1983], page 44, the track layout is totally correct for Carlisle No. 13, Upperby Bridge Junction. Mike probably "gets the points"!
    Peter Robinson — 12-Nov-2007 11.31 AM
    Very definitely Upperby Bridge Junction. Carlisle No. 13 box is just off to the left.
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