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  • Mystery Number 42 – supplied by anonymous

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    The two men appear to have good cause to be glum. Unfortunately engine number is obscured, but what might have happened? What do we know of the engine itself?

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  • Tony Robinson — 15-Jun-2005 8.50 PM
    Judging by the damage to the under boiler cladding this is one naughty Cauliflower that seems to have thrown one of its big ends or maybe part of the valve gear!
    Simon Hudson — 15-Dec-2006 12.00 AM

    I could be wrong with this guess, but I suspect this isn't a big end or indeed a motion failure. It is my feeling that a motion failure that then hit the lagging would have caused more twisting and crushing of the lagging.

    I believe there is a mud hole door on the underside of the boiler at about this point and I suspect that this door has failed. The resulting sudden gush of steam and water could easilly be expected to cause just such a result. I also note the water lying on the running boards at this point as further indications of this as the cause.

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