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  • Mystery Number 4 – supplied by Ted Talbot

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    He does not know where it is, but would be surprised if no one can identify it. Which shed? What carriages? What do those circles on signal arms indicate? What is the date?

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  • Harry Jack — 16-Nov-2003 12.23 PM
    It’s Preston, south end – see cover of the Society’s Portfolio No 13.
    Paul Rouet — 16-Nov-2003 7.54 PM
    This photo appears on the front cover of Richard Foster’s Portfolio on ‘Preston Signalling’. There is a detailed description inside the front cover.
    David Stewart — 22-Dec-2003 5.12 PM
    This is a photo of the south end of Preston station. The enclosed footbridge leads from the station to the Park hotel with a view towards the East Lancashire line (Butler Street) underneath. I believe that the circles on the signals denotes shunting movements.
    Jack Walne — 23-Dec-2003 3.33 PM
    The rings on the signals indicate that they refer to slow lines; those without rings, on the smaller gantry to the left, are for main line movements.
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