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  • Mystery Number 25 – supplied by anonymous

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    Precusor No.365 'Alchymist' proudly standing on shed. But where? And do you know who the photographer was?

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  • John Alsop — 30-Dec-2004 5.13 PM
    My Locomotive Publishing Co records show this view as being at Shrewsbury, which I think should be easy to confirm (or not). Most Shrewsbury photos in the Locomotive Publishing Co series were by Pilcher.
    Mike Williams — 30-Dec-2004 6.55 PM
    I think John Alsop is correct on both counts. The building to the left appears in many photos of Coleham Shed Shrewsbury. The date and quality of the photograph would fit Pilcher, though I’ve not seen this particular view before. The Pilcher negatives (at least some of them) are at the NRM, catalogued in the F.Burt collection.
    John Alsop — 31-Dec-2004 4.57 PM
    The LPC collection included approximately 200 Pilcher pictures mostly numbered between 9800 and 9999, the survivors later renumbered by H C Casserley for Ian Allan and some further renumbered by Real Photographs. Around 130 are at York.
    Harry Jack — 08-Jan-2005 3.43 PM
    As Mike says, the 2-storey building on the left appears on many photos of Coleham shed, Shrewsbury. This block was still there as late as the 1960s, but perhaps the earliest view is on this Webb site in the Goods Engines / Photo Gallery - see the picture of the DX Goods No 49, taken between 1871 and 1877.
    Thirty or more years later, the shed roof and the high gable-end visible behind ‘Alchymist’ were parts of the GWR establishment, but a tiny fragment of the LNWR ‘north-light’ shed can be seen on the right, just above the coal in the tender.
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