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  • Mystery Number 248 – supplied by Bob Williams

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    Bob is pretty sure it is a D95A on the right of the photo but it would be interesting to know an approximate date, location, photographer or the identity of the Prince of Wales.

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  • Tom Robertson — 19-Feb-2018 9.36 AM
    I think the location is Cambridge shed which officially closed in December 1935 after which visiting locos used the ex GER shed, so the date should be no later than that date.
    Tom Robertson — 20-Feb-2018 10.15 AM
    I‘ve since found a picture of Cambridge in “LMS Engine Sheds Volume One” by W A Camwell on page 237, but it is dated 1939. Thus it seems that it continued to be used for turning and stabling after official closure. This picture shows a PoW engine in a different position but the vehicle to the right in the same position as mystery 248 and I speculate that both pictures were taken on the same date.
    A look at the Ordnance Survey for 1925 shows a very basic facility with no obvious arrangement for coaling. So any coaling might have been done direct from wagons or more likely was done at the parent shed which was Bletchley. The engine is also likely to be one of the Bletchley allocation. It makes me wonder what official closure actually meant. It seems that things continued pretty much as always. It is possible that staffing at this rather remote outpost was always minimal or even nil.
    Harry Jack — 20-Feb-2018 2.37 PM
    Loco is almost certainly ‘Tishy’ No. 25845 of Bletchley (2B) shed, having just been turned on the turntable behind Cambridge LNWR shed for the trip back. Date 1936—8.
    Bob Williams — 21-Feb-2018 6.13 PM
    Now Harry has suggested this is Tishy No 25845 I can see the raised footplate each side, which I had missed previously. Tom has suggested Cambridge as the location and I am aware that 25845 worked in the Oxford/Cambridge area for some years so the two answers tie up nicely.
    Harry Jack — 05-Apr-2018 11.17 PM
    As to my date 1936—8, this is from the details of the buffers.
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