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  • Mystery Number 226 – supplied by John Alsop

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    Robert Benson again, this time on a turntable. Picture is anonymous and undated, but possibly from the time 2176 was working Bletchley-Oxford.
    Where is the turntable located?

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  • John Barratt — 23-Apr-2017 7.04 PM
    From the OS maps, Cambridge - courtesy of the National Library Scotland Website, digitised Mapping. They haven't completed digitising all the sheets yet, but are a good way through the process.
    Reg Instone — 24-Apr-2017 9.49 AM
    Yes, it all matches. Photo of the LNWR goods yard at Cambridge, taken from the end of Hills Road overbridge, with the LNWR engine shed out-of-shot to the left. Looking past the cattle pens with the white-painted fence, to the fenced coal yard and beyond what I take to be the LNWR stables. There were 3 sidings between the cattle pens and the coal yard /hand crane, but they're not obvious in the photo. There also appear to be further coal heaps to the right of the view.
    In the top RH corner is Hallack & Bond's malthouse, which had a private siding. The main goods shed, and the Brooklands Avenue entrance to the yard, are off to the right.
    I don't have Bill Simpson's book to hand. Is there anything relevant in that?
    Incidentally, the washing on the line belongs to the row of 5 cottages which were situated at the approach to the cattle pens, below the slope of Hills Road and (again) out-of-shot to the right. I am not sure whether they were LNWR cottages, but somewhere there must be a plan with the Co's boundary marked.
    Harry Jack — 03-May-2017 3.42 PM
    There is an OS 25-inch plan of the southern end of Cambridge in Simpson's 'Oxford to Cambridge Railway' volume 2, but it is dated 1883 so it is too early to show the turntable or some of the background buildings. But it does show the crane in the coal yard, and the fences beyond the engine.
    This book also contains three photographs taken from Hills Road bridge on pp136/7 and 141, but none of them are looking in this direction, and another so captioned on page 146 is actually of Bletchley.
    Reg Instone — 05-May-2017 1.35 PM
    Thanks Harry. Interesting to note the development after 1883. Many of the details must be in the minute books.
    Psst, don't tell anyone, but the next vol of "Track Layout Diagrams" might just be Oxford to Cambridge. With all our other commitments, it'll take a couple of years at least, though.
    Harry Jack — 18-Apr-2018 12.23 AM
    Not that it matters much, but it’s as well to point out that the OS plan of Cambridge in Bill Simpson’s ‘Oxford to Cambridge Railway’ Vol 2, p133, is given the date ‘1883’ — but it was actually surveyed in 1886.
    So often in books and articles, reproduced OS plans are given a date which is that of publication. Obviously it would be far more useful to give the date of the actual survey, perhaps two or three years earlier. This survey/revision date is printed on the plan, but is so often overlooked by writers.
    This case is different: presumably it is a simple misprint.
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