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  • Mystery Number 220 – supplied by (via) Martin O'Shea

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    It is from the late Jim Peden - ref A1531.
    The train seems an important one - it is pulled by a reboilered 'Claughton' and looks quite long so the double track line doesn't seem to be a rural branch! The buildings are wooden and none has a canopy to shelter its passengers, which seems fairly unusual on a main line.
    Does anyone know where it is?

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  • John Alsop — 08-Jan-2017 9.31 PM
    The train is from Holyhead and is passing through Rhosneigr on Anglesey. Opened 1907 this late date probably accounts for the unusual buildings. The station was about a mile from the village and with little but open country near. It is the nearest station to Valley Airfield.
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