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  • Mystery Number 146 – supplied by web site enquiry

    Show image of mystery phot  mobile/M146B.jpg

    The enquirer would like to know where it is and the approximate date.

    As ever your help would be much appreciated.

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  • Harry Jack — 18-Mar-2013 2.49 PM
    This looks very like Wylde Green station, on the Birmingham to Sutton Coldfield branch, looking north. I'd put the date to within a few years of 1900.
    Robin Mathams — 06-Aug-2013 5.42 PM
    I sent a copy to a friend of mine in the Sutton Coldfield Railway Society who is very well up on railways in and around Birmingham, asking him to confirm the location. His reply: "Definitely Wylde Green and before WWI. There were two waiting rooms on the Up platform and you can just see the second one in the distance. Seems a large staff for quite a small station without a goods yard."
    Ted Talbot — 08-Aug-2013 5.02 AM
    The comment on "large staff" I think is just modern thinking. All stations had staff in those days just as all railways had plenty of carriages for all fluctuations in traffic.
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