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  • Mystery Number 139 – supplied by Mike Morant via Ted Talbot

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    We are interested in the location, the locos identity and comments on the carriage.

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  • Harry Jack — 28-Oct-2012 2.00 PM

    I'm pretty certain it's Hartford Jct looking NW from Hodge Lane bridge, with the Cheshire Lines bridge behind the camera over the main L&NWR.

    Three lines - L to R: Down, Up, and Up Goods (which joins the spur coming in from the CLR in the right distance, before it all joins/rejoins the main line beyond the far overbridge).

    Telegraph posts - lots of crossbars on the west side, only three on the east.

    Distant overbridge to Hodge Lane Farm; Hodge Lane itself (trees) going off on the left; flattish country, slight rise on left.

    I haven't ever been there, but plans and other (much later) photos convince me that it's Hartford Jct.

    I don't know which of the 'Engineer XXX' the Samson is, but maybe the saloon will be recognisable by someone.

    Bob Mather — 01-Nov-2012 12.32 PM
    I agree with Harry, this is a view of the West Coast Main Line from Hodge Lane Bridge. Hard to believe it is the same place without all the present day overhead clutter. Not a clue about the loco or the carriage.
    Harry Jack — 15-Nov-2012 11.40 AM

    I had hoped that someone would have been able to identify the carriage, perhaps as the inspection saloon of one of the District Engineers. This might have suggested the identity of the engine, which might have helped to date the photograph.

    To me, the carriage looks like the Directors' Inspection Saloon built in 1897, which isn't much help with the engine's identity. Pre-WW1 there were around ten old 'Samsons' in departmental stock, based at Lancaster, Crewe, Liverpool, Manchester, Walsall, Watford, Bangor and Northampton, plus 'Engineer' itself, and a spare engine. So if this really is the Directors' Saloon, I suppose the engine could be any one of them.

    Philip A. Millard — 28-Nov-2012 12.07 PM

    I agree that the location is Hartford (the widening to four tracks from Acton Bridge was carried out by the LMS) and the carriage is indeed the Directors' Saloon of 1897 D.3.

    At one time Hartford Junction signalbox was one of my regular haunts.

    Tony Osmond — 11-Apr-2013 12.31 AM
    The loco in the picture looks like Engineer herself because it has the the original chimney retained whereas the other Engineer xxxx Samsons had a shorter chimney when in engineer service, similar to the Precedents.
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