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  • Mystery Number 84 – supplied by John Alsop

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    As John says the distinctive station building is the only clue on this one.

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  • Alan Roberts — 27-Mar-2009 12.19 AM
    The building on the right of the photograph looks very similar to the style of building at Helsby Station.
    Mike Barrett — 27-Mar-2009 9.45 PM
    Certainly the same style as Helsby. I don't think its Frodsham so Helsby seems favourite, but the name board seems to be a longer name.
    Timothy Birch — 31-Mar-2009 8.48 PM

    I think that this is Ellesmere Port, looking towards Helsby and therefore the train is heading for Hooton. This is because:

    1. The platforms at Ellesmere Port are straight, unlike Helsby
    2. The chimneys that can just be seen in the background match the industry at Ellesmere Port
    3. The small building on the left hand platform is like one that shows in other photos of Ellemere Post (see Cheshire railways in old photographs by Mike Hitches)
    4. With a bit of faith, the station name board says 'Ellesmere Port'.

    At Ellesmere Port, the main station buildings are off to the left of the photo.

    Dave Skipsey — 24-Apr-2009 12.44 AM

    As has been suggested it is indeed Ellesmere Port.

    The signal visible would be Ellesmere Port Station's starting with Ellesmere Port Loop's distant - this was prior to the resignalling of circa 1925.

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