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  • Mystery Number 51 – supplied by Ted Talbot

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    The third of Ted Talbot's mystery trio shows a Cauliflower on a train in station. This is by Eric Mason and became 32635 in the A. G. Ellis collection. It shows no. 715 at Ansdell & Fairhaven on a train from Leeds. What comments do members have about the stock, the working, the date and so on?

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  • Mike Williams — 08-Mar-2007 12.52 PM

    What a lovely picture.

    The train is of very uniform appearance for the LNWR and I believe all the carriages are either 30ft 1in or the contemporary 42ft stock:

    D385 30ft 1in Brake Van
    D297 30ft 1in 5cpt Third (2 off)
    D165 42ft lavatory luggage compo
    2 further 42ft lavatory carriages

    I'm not sure whether the last vehicle has six or eight wheels, but it appears to have an ogee in the centre.

    As one would expect, there are lavatories for the First class passengers only. In my opinion the train is unusual because often when there are two Thirds and a van at the front they have been added to a standard set, and that set usually has a Brake-end at either end of the train. The LNWR liked brake-ends and had very many of them, but not on this train.

    As for a date, the lack of lower footboards means post-1901 and the single whistle on the engine means post-1903. The fine and high ballast suggests perhaps pre-War, but I can't get any nearer than that.

    Philip A.Millard — 22-Mar-2007 1.58 PM
    I don't agree that this is a set (=coupled) train, with or without strengtheners. It is a perfectly normal and typical LNWR excursion train assembled ad hoc out of available rolling stock.
    Mike Williams — 09-Apr-2007 7.48 AM
    I agree with Philip that this is not a set train. That is what I thought I had said, but re-reading my message I agree it was not clear. Thank you Philip!
    David Moore — 13-Apr-2007 7.14 PM

    According to Wikipedia Ansdell & Fairhaven station is adjacent to the Royal Lytham Golf Course. Might that be the reason for running an excursion there. The British Open perhaps?

    Does anyone else have a view on the reason for the excursion?

    Syd Williams — 19-Oct-2008 10.45 AM
    The first British Open Golf Championship held at Royal Lytham was in 1926, I understand, which would be many years after the photo at Ansdell was taken.
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