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  • Mystery Number 38 – supplied by anonymous

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    No. 1979 Nelson just ready for the ‘Right Away’ but where from, and when? Well you know the kind of detail we like. Can you help us out?

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  • Norman Lee — 14-Apr-2005 6.06 PM
    The station looks quite large and has a pitched roof, not a curved one. The track and notices look LNWR. Parts of Crewe have a similar roof but the view is far too open. Huddersfield is a candidate but David Patrick says ‘Llandudno’. There is a darker stripe along the middle platform (at the LH side of the picture) which is probably the cobbled carriage road – it appears on other pictures of Llandudno.
    Tony Robinson — 17-Apr-2005 11.21 PM
    Definitely Llandudno, engine isn’t ready to go though. If it was, like his namesake he’d be at sea (after about a ¼mile or so) – buffer stops just out of sight!!!
    John Stockton-Wood — 22-May-2006 7.36 PM
    This absolutely is Llandudno, as Norman Lee and Tony Robinson have stated, not much else we can say.
    Reg Instone — 05-Sep-2016 3.59 PM
    also, the turnover lever shows that the engine in standing on the release crossover at the buffer stops end (crossover worked by hand lever, not from the SB).
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