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  • Mystery Number 254 – supplied by David Bond

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    No 2052 Prince George stands without her tender, but where? And what is the wagon to the rear of the engine?

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  • Godfrey Stuart — 26-Feb-2020 11.42 AM
    Just a thought but is it possible that the engine has been put in a siding having broken the tender drawbar and is awaiting collection either to works or shed for repair.
    Tom Robertson — 03-Apr-2020 8.05 AM
    I believe the location is Rhyl station in North Wales. The station turntable was only 50 ft which was just too tight to turn engine and tender. The engine has been parted from its tender for turning.
    Harry Jack — 04-Apr-2020 1.01 PM
    ‘Greater Britain‘ class No. 2052 Prince George, built 1894, photographed c.1900. That the engine is without its tender seems puzzling, but can be explained. The engine is seen standing at the west end of Rhyl station, having presumably arrived there with a train from Chester or beyond. Hidden by the engine is a 50ft turntable (the rails to it can be seen just under the front bufferbeam) but the 44ft wheelbase of the engine plus tender would have been a rather tight fit. So the tender is being turned separately, before the engine, for the return journey. A plan showing the station layout is in Anderson & Fox: An Historical Survey of Chester to Holyhead Railway, Fig 49.
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