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  • Mystery Number 234 – supplied by Ted Talbot

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    This is Problem No. 612 Princess Alice after final rebuilding by F. W. Webb. Baxter gives no date for this but as the engine has tender coal rails the date of the photo must be after mid 1895.
    But where is it? Looks like a pipe-making factory in the back ground.

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  • Harry Jack — 31-Jul-2017 4.36 PM
    This was taken at Monument Lane shed looking south-west. Earlier (1877-8) photographs were taken by Richard H. Bleasdale which show similar stacks of pipes on the wharf atop the canal retaining wall - see LNWRS ‘Journal’ Vol 3 No 9, June 2002, pp309 & 311. Old O.S. plans show “Tube Works” and “Tube & Rolling Mills” on the opposite side of the canal.
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