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  • Mystery Number 224 – supplied by Ted Talbot

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    The card has ‘KODAK’ and ‘POST CARD’ printed on the back but nothing else.
    The engine is an ‘Improved Precedent’ or ‘6ft 6in Jumbo’ or ‘Big Jumbo’ but the number and name are unreadable.

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  • Harry Jack — 21-Apr-2017 5.34 PM
    Just a wild guess, but possibly Winwick Junction looking south, with the train heading towards Earlestown and Liverpool, and the main line to the north on the left?
    Philip Millard — 22-Apr-2017 9.05 AM
    Nice try, Harry, but I don‘t think so. The point rodding suggests that the photo was taken from the ground by the signal box, and Winwick Junction was on the up side of he line. But only two rods — insufficient for two points and a facing point lock??
    Gary Wells — 24-Apr-2017 7.43 PM
    I would agree with Philip regarding the point rodding. In the foreground there are two compensating cranks side by side which suggests their termination points are equidistant. To the right of the rods there appears to be an extremely slack signal wire which might indicate a double pull distant -not common. On the far left are three poles the furthest looks like a starting signal in the off position, but, it does not look to be associated with the running lines. Other than that I have nothing more to offer.
    Gary Wells — 29-Apr-2017 4.30 PM
    My wild guess (maps on order) Leighton Buzzard & Linsdale area?
    Jim Lodge — 16-Jul-2017 9.18 PM
    Coal rails on tender, so post-c1895, apparently square socket lamp brackets, so pre-c1905.
    Gary Wells — 23-Sep-2017 9.02 AM
    Could this be Preststyn looking west with the Dyserth branch coming in on the left; the cabin would be over the viewers left shoulder. I think the track curvature is too tight, but, if the photo was taken with a long lens.......
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