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  • Mystery Number 207 – supplied by Ted Talbot

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    The engine is ‘Super-D’ and what extras we have around, rare to see line side features in such detail !
    But where is it and what is going on here ?

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  • Philip Millard — 18-Jul-2016 4.29 PM
    The turntable, buffer stop and the remains of a horsebox serving as a bothy all appear Great Western to me. The engine is obviously being turned by hand, but where I have no idea. The distinctive building in the background should be a clue.
    Ted Mason — 24-Jul-2016 11.08 PM
    I'm not sure where photo 207 was taken, but as far as I can see it was not taken near Bushbury shed or Oxley shed.
    Gary Wells — 26-Jul-2016 10.00 PM
    Following on from Philip's observations a shot in the dark: there was a loco turntable at Wallasey docks, south of Edgerton dock and north of Bridge St on the LNWR (Premier line) and the GWR goods branch ( Jt. line).
    Alan Budge — 11-Nov-2016 8.47 PM
    The large building that dominates the background is the shed front of Oxford GWR shed. It may be that the turntable is not available at the LNWR shed will be one reason for using the GWR turntable before working back to Birmingham
    page 70 of Past and Present no 15 shows relevant photo
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