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  • Mystery Number 204 – supplied by Eddie Johnson

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    George Whale’s 19in Goods 4-6-0 appears to be in LNWR days.
    Does anyone know When or where though ?

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  • Harry Jack — 07-Jun-2016 1.13 PM
    This could be on the Great Central Railway, as the distant signal arm is painted in the later GCR style: red with a white chevron.
    So somewhere with LNWR running powers - around Stalybridge perhaps?
    Gary Wells — 05-Oct-2016 9.29 PM
    Gentlemen I give you Watson Road over bridge behind The Pleasure Beach at Blackpool. Britain from Above has this 1920 image with an interesting mineral train in shot:
    Do you have any idea how many goods shed there are with ramped access? Two days pointless searching at least.
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