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  • Mystery Number 190 – supplied by Ted Talbot

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    We have a line of engines, where are they and why are they there ?

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  • Tom Robertson — 16-Nov-2015 10.10 AM
    Extensive sidings in a fairly rural locatio suggest it might be Crewe Basford Hall. THe large numbers of engines apparently laid off but not officialy stored (no evidence of sacking on chimneys) could be because of stike action with resulting lack of stabling space at Crewe South shed.
    Alan Budge — 17-Nov-2015 12.04 AM
    The national coal strike of 1912 lasted for 37 days and would soon depleat stocks hence these locos have been stored without fuel.
    Tom Robertson — 03-Dec-2015 7.36 PM
    There is a less cropped version of this image in “Crewe Sheds” by Allan Baker/Gavin Morrison 1988.The caption says “probably taken during the 1921 strike,and looks south from Sorting Sidingd Middle, showing many rows of stored locomotives. The main line south is on the extreme left,and Sorting Sidings South signalbox can be seen in the distance”.
    Reg Instone — 28-Jan-2016 8.32 PM
    Yes, I can confirm that this is SS Middle. The photographer was probably on the post of the Down Fast Independent (D F I) Home signal, the lines at bottom right being D F I and D S I. The District Control Office was just behind the camera, and SS Middle SB out of shot to the left. I think that's the lavatories for the SS Middle shunters at bottom left. SS South SB may be visible in the complete image in “Crewe Sheds“, but it is off to the right of this cropped version.
    The nearest line of 10 or 11 engines was on the (dead-and) shunt neck for H Group sidings. The wagons to the right, behind the 3-doll signal gantry, are on Nos 1, 2 & 3 Down Reception Lines. The line of coal wagons further left seems to be on No.1 Up Reception. The other line of engines is on the Engine Line which connected SS South SB with the South Shed connections at SS North SB. This would tend to confirm the idea that the picture was taking during a strike, as storing engines there at any other time would seriously impede the normal working of the yard.
    I think the furthest signal gantry is for the Up NS Goods and Up Fast Independent.
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