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  • Mystery Number 16 – supplied by anonymous

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    This is a phtograph from the Society collection. But there seems to be an element of uncertainty about exactly what it is, and what it did.

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  • Mike Barrett — 19-Jul-2004 9.08 PM
    This is American Special kitchen car No.315 as shown in the carriage exhibition feature.
    Where it was taken I don't know. The scenery hints at somewhat wilder countryside than is encountered twixt Euston and Liverpool.
    Christopher Hill — 19-Jul-2004 10.00 PM
    Quite right. The doubt arose because I mixed up the image dimensions and stretched the image, making it look a lot longer than it really was. (I've fixed the image in the exhibition). But any thoughts where this was taken?
    Harry Jack — 20-Jul-2004 1.55 PM
    The photo was taken at Wolverton, south of the Works on the west side, looking west. Several were taken here; see D Jenkinson's 'LNWR Carriages' plate 35 page 18, plate 147 on page 121 - also in Ted Talbot's 'LNWR Miscellany (1)' plate 52. The individual bushes in the background can be recognised!
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