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  • Mystery Number 151 – supplied by Midland Railway Society, via Martin O'Keeffe

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    The MRS wonder if this is an LNWR station. If so, which one?

    As ever your help would be much appreciated.

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  • Peter Scott — 18-May-2013 11.54 AM

    The Signal Box looks LNWR, so that makes it likely it is an LNWR station; or a station on a Joint Railway.

    Sorry, cannot help any further.

    Philip A. Millard — 19-May-2013 2.38 PM

    The station is Longton Bridge on the L&YR (former West Lancashire Railway) Southport to Preston line. It is not safe to assume that an ex-LNWR (Type 5) signal cabin necessarily implies an ex-LNWR line, as in the years following the grouping the LMS replaced several ex-LYR cabins with those of ex-LNWR pattern. In this instance the replacement cabin dates from 1926 but was fitted with a 20-lever LYR locking frame. The line closed on September 7th 1964.

    Ther are more pictures here.

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