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  • Mystery Number 149 – supplied by Ted Talbot

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    Shows LNWR 'Precursor Tank' LMS no. 6784 leaving a station, which might be Tebay up platform. Peter Spedding has found a photo that might help - iv in Yeadon's 'Compendium of LNWR Locomotives 1912-1949 Part One' - and another view is plate 104 in Ted's 'LMS Power - the Coronation class'.

    But neither of these fixes it beyond argument.

    As ever your help would be much appreciated.

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  • Peter Scott — 18-May-2013 12.09 PM

    My first thought was no. So I reached for my copy of Over Shap to Carlisle by Harold D. Bowtell (whom I met a good few times at Manchester Locomotive Society meetings) - and as usual, I was wrong!

    It IS Tebay. Page 77 top - there is the very same photo, by H.C. Casserley, June 1935, an Up Slow Train headed by an Oxenholme Precursor Tank.

    Philp A. Millard — 18-May-2013 5.40 PM
    Undoubtedly Tebay circa 1930. I have a Lens of Sutton photo no.66308 showing the same view in 1948, by which time LMS upper quadrant signals had been installed.
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