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  • Mystery Number 143 – supplied by Harry Hicks via Dave Pennington

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    Harry came across the photograph of a country fair. There is a grave yard to the right and railway water tower, engine shed(?), signal and carriages top left. It was posted in Liverpool and Harry doesn't know the location. Can anyone help?

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  • Bob Mather — 14-Feb-2013 12.01 PM
    Could this be Beeston on the Crewe to Chester line, well known for its cattle markets?
    Philip A. Millard — 17-Feb-2013 10.38 AM

    The topography and stonework suggest (South or Mid-?) Wales to me. The carriage on the left is most certainly not LNWR - GWR probably, and the one on the right is doubtful. The LNWR did not normally paint its water tanks thus - but the GWR did. I strongly suspect not an LNWR location.

    Note the rings for the Harrison cord train alarm on the carriage on the right, suggesting a date not later than 1904 or so.

    Mike Morris — 18-Feb-2013 4.54 PM
    I appreciate Bob Mather's idea re Beeston, however, that is in Cheshire's sandstone belt, also a small wayside station which I doubt ever had water tang, or more than a small goods shed, whereas this looks more upland, either Yorkshire or Lancashire way, or Cumberland or Westmorland perhaps, maybe limestone?
    Richard Foster — 24-Feb-2013 12.55 PM

    The location is Cark & Cartmel Station on the Furness Railway.

    The photographer is standing on the Grange to Haverthwaite Road.

    The entrance to the station down platform is just off the photo to the left.

    Interesting such a view should get posted in Liverpool!

    Can anyone suggest a date and what the event is?

    Harry Hicks — 04-Mar-2013 7.45 PM
    My thanks to Richard Foster on this one. He is spot on with it being Cark. I have been on Google maps and dropped the little man on the location he suggested. The engine shed is still there, although the water tower is not. There is now a bungalow on the site of the field and the Grave stones are also still there. For further interest, the postcard was posted in 1911.
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