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  • Mystery Number 14 – supplied by anonymous

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    After the Royal Visit to Crewe Works in 1911, a celebration dinner was held in the drawing office. This view shows the table of the officers and directors. Opposite, second from the left is thought to be Guy Calthrop; fourth from the left Robert Turnbull. Near side, third from the camera, is probably Sir Frank Ree, fourth E.C. Trench and seventh, leaning back, Sir Gilbert Claughton.
    Can anyone identify any of the others?

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  • Mike Williams — 08-Jul-2004 11.08 AM
    Each issue of the LNWR Gazette carried a photograph of a Senior Manager as its frontispiece. I have looked through the first two years - 1912 and 1913, to verify the mystery photos and have come up with:
    4th you say Sir Robert Turnbull - definitely correct.
    2nd could be W.Thomas, Chief of Expenditure Dept, Euston.
    3rd you say Ree, but photos published in 1912 and 1913 show him with a beard.
    4th you say Trench, but again a photo published in 1913 shows a beard and the person looks more like C.E.Grasemann.
    7th you say Claughton and I agree.
    Howard Williams — 15-Dec-2008 5.35 PM
    I have a photo of Sir Gilbert Claughton at Abergavenny taken in the early years of the C20. He is dressed in grey topper cutaway coat etc. He is quite corpulent and looks well over 65, I can't therefore see how the person suggested could be him. The figure in the photo is dark haired and looks 50+. The photos must be only within a few years of each other.
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