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  • Mystery Number 125 – supplied by Ted Talbot

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    This is LGRP no. 13399 and on the back is written: "NER 4-4-0 779 on Leeds-York express at Alne 1923. LNWR stock". Any thoughts on the nature of this working?

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  • Philip Millard — 16-Jan-2012 7.30 AM

    Nothing very unusual. An LNWR a Liverpool - Leeds post-WW1 mixed corridor and non-corridor set D.268 D.316 D.317 D.154, although these normally worked only as far as Leeds, so probably an excursion.

    John Alsop — 16-Jan-2012 9.59 AM
    LGRP records say this is a Leeds to York express in 1923, copied by W.Vaughan-Jenkins from an original by Dearden. No further information is given, but if the location really is near Alne then Leeds to Newcastle would seem more likely. The outer lines in the Alne area give the appearance of being goods loops and the station was only double track as was the next station at Beningbrough. LGRP nos. 13400-13406 are also by Dearden; no. 13405 is York and the rest are Alne, but the three of those I have are not the same location as the mystery picture. Between Church Fenton & York seems more likely as the location and would fit with the train terminating at York.
    Peter Scott — 18-Jan-2012 1.10 PM
    The ten foot space is between the middle tracks, not next to the outside ones. Therefore this is NOT the ECML north of York. It is the York & North Midland line, between Church Fenton and Chaloner's Whin Junction. Clearly the train is heading north; thus it is on the Down Leeds Line. So the train could be any through train from Huddersfield and beyond, to York and beyond. After 1904, the LNWR and the NER, always changed locomotives at their Joint Station, then known as Leeds New Station.
    Harry Jack — 20-Jan-2012 6.18 PM

    I discussed this photo with an NER specialist today. He says the location is two and a half miles south of York, at the (old A64) bridge over the Church Fenton to York stretch of line, at Bondhill Ash farm. The train has come from Leeds.

    The OS 25" plan of about 1909 shows the two sets of tracks drawing apart to pass under the bridge, and the slight hill in the background seems to fit.

    Jol Wilkinson — 22-Jan-2012 9.14 PM
    According to the number on the tender, the NER 4-4-0 is a F/F1 class, built as 2 cylinder compounds and converted to simple locos. When I first saw it I hoped it was a G class, with smaller driving wheels, as I have designed a kit for that (available from London Road Models). The photo would have given me an excuse to run one with some LNWR carriages, as two of the diagrams identified by Philip Millard are also available as kits.
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