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  • Mystery Number 122 – supplied by Mike Williams

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    The figures have cap badges which don't look like railway ones, so maybe they are military? The carriage looks like some sort of motor train carriage. Finally, the photographer's stamp is only partially legible, but says "Warrington" which may help to identify the location and hopefully the reason for the picture.

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  • Philip Millard — 02-Dec-2011 7.31 AM
    The carriage would appear to be composite motor trailer M.15, No.3722, which was built for use on the St. Albans branch. I have no record of it ever being assigned to the Warrington area. I agree that the chaps are military, not railway. Looks like a senior officer and his adjutant.
    Jon Price — 05-Dec-2011 2.39 PM
    These are two military chaplains, as they both have dog collars. The cap badges are indistinct but seem to support this. The carriage is wider on the right of the photo than on the left. It isn't one of the composite sleepers, but isn't there a carriage in the royal train with this configuration?
    Harry Jack — 06-Dec-2011 8.46 PM
    Both appear to be wearing clerical collars with military caps and greatcoats, so I'd think they are Army chaplains. The one on the right seems to have the rank of captain, as he has three pips on his shoulder-straps. Perhaps late in WW1, or post-war?
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