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  • Mystery Number 75 – supplied by Harry Jack

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    This has Harry baffled: a slight mishap somewhere, but where? The loco is no. 1160, the tender is no. 1664, and that's all that Harry knows about this one.

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  • John Alsop — 26-Aug-2008 9.01 PM
    I have this as a postcard by Ambler, Photographer, 7, Market Street, Manchester. Noted on the back is Exchange and the date June 10th 1912. The carriage I think is Caledonian. So this is presumably a shunting movement that went wrong at Manchester Exchange. The turntable is just at the west end of the station and the engine was heading for the Salford Approach, just beyond the wall on the left.
    Harry Jack — 14-Sep-2008 6.18 PM
    Many thanks to John Alsop for his identification. I must have passed within a few feet of the site of this turntable a hundred times, but simply didn't recognise it.
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