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  • Mystery Number 69 – supplied by David Hey

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    Submitted by David Hey, whose own photo collection can be seen here, a picture of non-superheated Precursor, no. 1, at an unknown location. Does anyone know where this is? An interesting looking vehicle behind the engine too! Any thoughts on that?

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  • Peter Scott — 01-Apr-2008 1.01 PM
    First thoughts - the Signals look GWR to me.
    Harry Jack — 01-Apr-2008 3.19 PM
    I think this is Poulton-le-Fylde, on the LNWR and Lancashire & Yorkshire joint line. If so, the train has come from Fleetwood or Blackpool (Talbot Road) and is headed for Preston and beyond. A lot of railway photographs were taken in this area by J. M. Tomlinson, who lived at Poulton, so this may be one of his.
    David Patrick — 02-Apr-2008 7.44 PM
    On my print the station name on the lamp just behind the safety valves is clearly legible and the name reads Poulton. Well done Harry. The coach looks to be a Midland vehicle, so is this a seaside special from the East Midlands?
    John Alsop — 06-Apr-2008 10.46 AM
    The bank with the hedge on top and the very tall telegraph poles certainly fit with Poulton.
    Philip Millard — 13-Apr-2008 6.26 PM
    I think that the carriage is in fact GWR rather than Midland. The clerestory roof seems too wide for MR. It is in the lake livery used by the GWR from around 1912 onwards. Mystery Photo No.71 is an enlargement of this print.
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