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  • Mystery Number 20 – supplied by anonymous

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    This is well documented - 17in Coal Engine LMS No. 8204 at Crewe South shed on 5th May 1934 with the carriage shed in the background.
    But what is the carriage on the right?

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  • Mike Williams — 02-Nov-2004 7.40 PM
    The carriage looks like a standard LNWR 30ft 1in 5 compartment third to D297, described by Philip Millard as the “must numerous of any British railway carriage”. The livery is less clear though. I suppose it could be all-over LMS red, but it looks a bit drab for that. Maybe it is a departmental livery?
    Mike Barrett — 09-Nov-2004 9.34 PM
    I think the carriage is painted black and is being used as an Engineering Dept. mess room. If so there should be a large letter E on the bottom corner of the carriage as on the wagons in the background. Maybe it’s on the right hand corner.
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