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  • Mystery Number 163 – supplied by Ted Talbot

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    Very little known about it. So what, when, where? Any information welcome. Again can anyone identify the location and offer any further information

    Any other information ?

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  • David Patrick — 03-Oct-2014 7.36 PM
    The location is Alderley Edge looking south. The date, I think, would be the late 1860's or early 1870's. The locomotive is a DX still fitted with its Ramsbottom chimney and the locomotive number being painted on the front buffer-beam, the practice of which was terminated when Webb introduced the black livery, it would also appear not to be fitted with a cab, only a weather-board. We have, by inference therefore, a DX in green livery and in original condition. Further accurate dating could be inferred by reference to a series of plans and drawings in our archive, which may confirm the dates of the construction of the up-side buildings which are not present on the photograph apart from, what appears to be, a small wooden hut or shelter
    Harry Jack — 06-Oct-2014 3.24 PM
    When this photo first appeared in print its date was given as 1866. The station at that time was named Alderley & Chorley; it was renamed Alderley Edge in 1876. The wooden building on the Up platform on the left, and all other visible details, are exactly as shown on the Ordnance plan surveyed in 1870-2. The engine doesn't look like a DX to me, and at that date there are other possible classes - after alterations by Ramsbottom - from all three Divisions
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