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  • Mystery Number 133 – supplied by John Alsop for Brian Worthington

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    The bowler is Brian's grandfather Samuel Worthington who is believed to have worked as a plumber at Monton Green station in 1890. He lived in Eccles but John does not think that the location is either of these. Can anyone do better?

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  • Harry Jack — 30-Jul-2012 5.26 PM
    Agreed, it isn't Eccles, nor Monton Green. I cannot recognise it among the stations in this locality that I used to know fairly well, but Platt Bridge, near Wigan on the line from Eccles, had a wooden building on the north platform with a similar window/door layout. Still looking...
    John Alsop — 07-Sep-2012 4.48 PM
    It seems this is not LNWR as the staff are Lancashire & Yorkshire. Location still unresolved.
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