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Modeller’s Guide to Published Sources Signalling Equipment and Signal Boxes

The Modelling Guide - Signalling Equipment and Signal Boxes - by Dave Pennington.

This guide is intended as an introduction to sources of information for modelling LNWR Structures — buildings, bridges and tunnels. It contains the most important and useful sources as well as references to the means of finding further information such as drawings and photographs which are too numerous to list here.

A Pictorial Record of LNWR Signalling by R.D. Foster
Published by OPC 1982 0-86093-147-1. Detailed chapters on all aspects, with drawings and photographs.
LNWR Portrayed by Jack Nelson
Published by Peco 1975 0-900586-45-1. Sections on signals and signal boxes with many drawings and photographs.
LNWR Liveries by E. Talbot, G. Dow, P.A. Millard et al
Published by HMRS 1986 0-902835-08-4. Section on signals and signal boxes.

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