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Modeller’s Guide to Published Sources Carriages and Non-Passenger Coaching Stock

The Modelling Guide - Carriages and Non-Passenger Coaching Stock - by Dave Pennington.

This guide is intended as an introduction to sources of information for modelling LNWR and West Coast Joint Stock carriages and other vehicles that ran in passenger trains. It contains the most important and useful sources as well as references to the means of finding further information such as drawings and photographs which are too numerous to list here.

LNWR Carriages - a concise history by David Jenkinson
Published by Pendragon 1995 1-899816-01-1. Identical to Illustrated History of LNWR Carriages. History of 20th century LNWR carriages with good selection of drawings and photos.
L&NWR Non-Corridor Carriages, 1886-1923 excluding the 30ft 1in 6-wheelers by P.A. Millard and I. Tattersall
Published by the LNWR Society 2006 0-95469-513-5. Includes drawings, sample numbers, set information and photos for most carriages.
LNWR Thirty foot One Inch Carriages. Portfolio 15 by P.A. Millard
Published by the LNWR Society 2001 0-9515490-9-X. History, drawings, photos and detail drawings.
A Register of West Coast Joint Stock by R. Casserley and P.A. Millard
Published by HMRS 1980 0-902835-04-1. History, diagrams, numbers and photos.
LNWR Great War Ambulance Trains. Portfolio No. 11 by P.A. Millard
Published by the LNWR Society 1993 0-9515490-3-0. Details of carriages used in each train with photos and diagrams for trains.
LNWR Portrayed by Jack Nelson
Published by Peco 1975 0-900586-45-1. Section on carriage details and livery with drawings.
LNWR Liveries by E. Talbot, G. Dow, P.A. Millard et al
Published by HMRS 1986 0-902835-08-4. Section on carriage livery details and some drawings.
LNWR Non-Passenger Coaching Stock
Numbers and alterations for each type

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